CADVantage, Inc.(a woman owned small business) has established itself as a reputable Printed Circuit Board design service bureau with the focus on the customer and quality.

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CADVantage, Inc. (a woman owned small business) has established itself as a reputable Printed Circuit Board design service bureau with the focus on the customer and quality. The company’s success has been built with talented designers utilizing the industries latest CAD/CAE tools. These tools have enhanced our design capabilities while reducing our overall design time. Our combination of talent and state-of-the-art design tools enables us to complete the most complex and critical design challenges that today’s contemporary designs require. CADVantage is very capable of handling a wide range of design problems.

Controlled impedance
Mixed RF/Analog/Digital
Signal Integrity Analysis
Crosstalk minimization
Design for EMI/ESD
Design for Manufacturing/Test

The result has been continued growth and expansion of capabilities. CADVantage, Inc. will not only meet your design needs, but supply you with tested and assembled working prototypes.

Is your project on schedule? Do you have the bandwidth internally to handle your current workload? Can your CAD tools handle your designs’ complexity? If not, CADVantage, Inc. can partner with you to help you succeed.


CADVantage offers a team of skilled designers experienced in both commercial and military applications, including Analog/Digital, High speed, RF, Backplane, Flex, and Rigid-Flex boards.

The CADVantage design team works to meet your designs requirements. Our goal is to offer support at any point in the design process. We can start at the very beginning and capture your schematic creating all of the schematic symbols required. We emphasize adding the design rules (DR’s) in the schematic to help facilitate placement and routing later in the design process. We can start with your completed schematic and build all of the geometries required to package the job and start the layout process. If the DR’s have not been added in the front end, we will then add them while in layout which can be back annotated to the schematic when the design is complete. At the completion of the design, DR’s are audited, and reports supplied to the customer to ensure that all of the requirements have been met.

Library Development
CADVantage, Inc. has an extensive geometry library based on IPC and SMT Plus standards. All geometries include padstack data, assembly layer details to make assembly drawing generation nearly push button, and are fully dimensioned for ease of checking.
CADVantage can also develop custom libraries built to your company’s specific requirements. The library can include schematic symbols, packaging information (part number and pin mapping files), and geometries (footprints).

Database Manipulation
Do you need to transfer your current board design into Mentor Graphics or Cadence formats? CADVantage has successfully taken databases from other CAD tools and imported them into either Mentor Graphics or Cadence design tools. If your schematic capture tool is not compatible, or if you only have a hand generated netlist, CADVantage will reformat the netlist to work with either Mentor or Cadence tools. If you only have Gerber data from a previous deign, CADVantage can make it into a fully functional CAD database.

On-Site Consulting Services
CADVantage has an experienced design team that can travel to your company to fill a temporary manpower shortage. Whether you need help with libraries, schematic capture, or layout, our designers are capable of filling your needs anywhere in your design process.

If your engineers or designers need training with new tools or help dealing with complex designs, CADVantage can come to your facility and train your employees offering our years of experience with both the tools and design.

Please call Gregg Wilson 603-893-0005 X11 for scheduling and pricing of On-Site Consulting Services.

CADVantage, Inc. can coordinate the fabrication and assembly of your printed circuit boards. We utilize the talents of several fabrication and assembly houses that we have built strategic alliances with. Through these relationships CADVantage can offer quick turn prototype services and provide a fabricated and assembled printed circuit board in as little as three business days. In-circuit, functional and environmental testing can also be provided.